Gourmet Herb Garden

I decided to grow a Gourmet Herb Garden this summer.  At first I thought it would be fun, and now I think it’s not only going to be fun but it will save me some money. Of course there is a small initial financial investment  but fresh herbs also taste WAY better than dried ones,  so I think of it as a good investment.  I thought about which flavors I love and know I’ll use, and thought about starting with rosemary, basil, cilantro and green onions.

We’ve all seen The Barefoot Contessa’s beautiful garden…

…mine won’t be quite as big but hopefully it will be just as beautiful.  I started by going to the local Farmer’s Market to get some ideas.  There are usually a few vendors that sell herbs.   As well as seeing what people grow and getting inspired.  Then I went to Ace hardware to get to seeds, pots, soil and gardening tools.  I asked to see what herb plants they had and the clerk showed me some pitiful looking plants.  I asked how much they were and she said “Free!”, which was music to my ears.  I loaded up a cart with 4 different tomato plants, sweet basil, italian parsley and yellow squash all for free.  I also purchased chives & cilantro  seeds to grow my own little plants.

They sell all sorts of herb planters these days that come in cute little pots with seeds and all.  If you don’t want to make your own just buy one and start your real life Farmville (an addictive Facebook game).  I will post an update in a few weeks with pictures of the progress of my little garden and to show you if these pitiful plants have survived.  For now, I pray that God has given me a green thumb.

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1 Response to Gourmet Herb Garden

  1. snowhite197 says:

    It’s so beautiful, i can’t wait to see what happens!

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