Hello, Everyone!  As most of you know, we (Natalie and Diana) started In Good Taste Tally!!  We have been going strong since January 2010.  We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our blog revamp and let you know to be ready for delicious recipes.  We are a catering and baking partnership so let us know if you would be interested in baked goods or help with your next event!

Also, give us ideas as to what you would like to see.  It’s always helpful to blog about something when you know you’re  helping someone in their kitchen. Another good way to keep in touch with us is through Twitter.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will enjoy In Good Taste.

1 Response to Introductions

  1. Juan Martinez says:

    Hey guys I’m proud of you both. I will post recipes soon. Diana as you know I’m in the process of opening my bake shoppe cafe. I would love all support and ideas as well. Love yall and good luck with everyting.

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