Ladies’ Weekend in St. Augustine, Fl

We started our 3 hour drive from Tallahassee to St. Augustine talking about all the fun activities that we were about to do, listening to a mixed CD Lizzie made of summer road trip songs. I had never been to St. Augustine, Fl and was really just looking forward to getting out-of-town for an early birthday celebration.   My friends Sarah, Erika, Lizzie and I made plans for a this small yet fun-filled getaway to do just that.

After checking in at the hotel we headed to the historical district, parked and walked to Athens Restaurant for lunch. This little authentic greek cafe was more than I expected.  The atmosphere alone could almost transport you to Greece.  Between Sarah, Lizzie and I we tried a cheese platter that came with olives, the greek salad, a potato salad with pita slices and of course a gyro.  All of us thought our dishes where delicious  and genuine; it’s definitely a place we recommend.

Walking around the shops and all around Flagler College, I realized the beautiful city I had just discovered.  The architechture and local cuisine options can’t possibly leave anyone wanting for more, I truly think there is something for everyone.    On our way back to our hotel we also gave a local pizza and chinese place a chance for take out.  We brought it back to our hotel room and stayed in for the night as we waited for Erika to arrive from Coconut Creek.  Little did I know the following day would hold more delectable discoveries.

We started the day at the Castillo de San Marcos.

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Touring the old fort was incredible, like nothing I’d ever seen.  Walls made of shells and cement (Coquina) were very unique. They had people in costume and old weaponry, we  even watch them set off a cannon.   The view from the top of the fort was amazing, seeing Anastasia Island across the water and the city escape were really remarkable.

We continued to walk to the Spanish district and went into more little shops and looked around before stopping for lunch and The Spanish Bakery.  An empanada lunch with a drink was only $5.50, what a bargain.  This quick and easy little establishment even bakes cookies; the entire lunch was yummy. (Try it: The Spanish Bakery)

One of the best $5.50 ever spent!

OUTLET MALLS GALLORE:  There are two malls right off the exit.  With over a 100 stores to choose from, this could be trouble for some but really fun with a team!

Prime Outlets

Premier Outlets

Also, no ladies’ weekend is ever complete without a pedicure.  Erika and I went to a local Salon & Spa and got that checked off our list.  Before heading to dinner at Columbia Restaurant (their website).  All of us were able to try this local treasure after Lizzie made reservations.  Starting the meal with Calamari, myself having Ropa Vieja as the main course, then being surprised with a birthday song and Flan; What more can a girl ask for?  Churros, you say…oh wait, we had those too!  Accompanied with Caramel, Chocolate and Guava Dipping sauces to boot, almost criminal.

Birthday Dinner!

Sharing Dessert!

Feeling so thankful for the wonderful memories I made, being able to experience a new city and enjoy amazing food; definitely a successful getaway I won’t soon forget.  Thanks Ladies!

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3 Responses to Ladies’ Weekend in St. Augustine, Fl

  1. D. Martinez says:

    Pics from St Agustin? I sure looks like you girls had a great time. I’m glad that weekend turned out to be that special because it was your birthday!!!
    It’s always nice to meet friends and relax doing something we like but St Agustin…. I haven’t been there yet and always hear good things of it, but the churros?? OMG I got to visit that city soon. Thanks for sharing, the details, my mouth is watering!!!

  2. D. Martinez says:

    Hey. I just cliked on your subtitles and realized they are links to the places. Thanks!!!!

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