Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day!

The Foodimentary Guy inspired me to write this post today, National Chocolate Pudding day, a list of links to wonderful chocolate pudding recipes (or chocolate pudding-ish recipes).

What are your favorites? Have you ever tried any of these recipes or any like them? Let us know your favorite chocolate pudding treats!

I’ll start off the list with my favorite chocolate pudding recipe ever, by my favorite food blogger, Deb at Smitten Kitchen. If you’d like a simple scrumptious chocolate pudding to make on a lazy afternoon, this is the one I’d recommend.

1.  Best Chocolate Pudding from Smitten Kitchen

2. This Pioneer Woman post is a chocolate dessert that’s done with ice cream, but chocolate pudding could easily be substituted.

3.  Wow, Bakerella!  Wow.  These chocolate peanut butter puddings cups look so fun it’s ridiculous.  Perfect for a child’s slumber party.

4. Chocolate Whiskey Pots de Creme from TheKitchn.com

5.  Maple Chocolate Pudding Speared with Bacon Spoons from Peace Love and Chocolate!  Even if you’re scared to try it with the bacon, maple chocolate pudding sounds like something you’d like to try, admit it!

Now we move from the ridiculously rich into the more healthy offerings for, you know, those choosy eaters.

6.  This is a WikiHow article on making Raw Dark Chocolate Pudding.  Raw as in ok to serve to those who are on a raw food diet.  It’s also vegan and seems very healthy.  I haven’t tried it but everything on the ingredient list is delicious, so that’s a good sign!

7.  This Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil and Sea Salt is packed with heart-healthy fats, antioxidants and although it’s technically not a pudding, it also is egg-free so it’s safe to serve to those who are expecting or immuno-compromised.

Have a wonderful National Chocolate Pudding Day everyone!!!  🙂

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