7 Layer Salad

Ever gone to a BBQ, dinner party or office luncheon and seen a seven Layer Salad? At first, I was confused; using a trifle dish for anything other than dessert had never even occurred to me. I’d seen and made seven layer dips but this was new and definitely intriguing.   

Then, recently I got an email from Kraft Foods with a seven layer salad recipe, so I decided to do a little more investigating.  I researched (that’s right, I researched!)  a few recipes and these are a few that I found. 

Kraft’s Seven Layer Salad 

Epicurious’ Seven Layer Salad 

Food Network’s Sandra Lee 

Cooks.com Mexican Twist 

So pretty it could almost be a centerpiece!

The one pictured above is tomato, peas, shredded cheese, black olives, romaine lettuce, bacon and hard-boiled eggs.  This leaves the dressing portion up to the person eating it.  I hope this opens up your eyes to a new salad possibility, it did for me.  Let us know which one you liked, tried, or if you made up a recipe of your own!! Enjoy!

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1 Response to 7 Layer Salad

  1. Diana M. says:

    The seven layer salad looks awesome!!
    I saw it some years ago, in a clear rectangular pirex tray, of about 2 inches deep. It had the bacon cut in smaller pieces, the eggs finely diced, and canned sweet peas. I think your recipe asks for fresh peas. The trifle dish makes it look great, but it’s hard to serve without making a mess I think. The one I tried, had a little bit of a bacon ranch dressing over each layer. It was really good. Thanks for sharing!

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