What’s a dinner party?

When we hear the words dinner party some of us probably think of some stuffy event where you have to wear a dress or tie.  Well, who made those rules?  Cooking can be quite therapeutic, and a new enjoyable way to entertain.  Why take on all the stress of making the entire meal for guests? Let them help in the kitchen.  Nothing sparks up an appetite as cooking a meal and enjoying good company (& wine).  Let’s bring new meaning to the dinner party! Whether choosing a potluck dinner (where everyone brings a dish) or an actual cooking together situation, make it a deliciously delightful evening.

Start with cheeses:  Most of us have been to a party where they have a cheese tray; spice things up!  Why always go for the mozzarella and cheddar cubes, next time try a goat cheese log and spread pesto over it (sun-dried tomatoes pesto is my fave!!).  Serve it with Entertaining Crackers, they usually come in a pack and have various designs and flavors, this will be an elegant alternative to  Ritz or Triscuits.  Baked Brie is also delicious.  Explore your local grocery store’s specialty cheese case, you’ll be surprised at the wonderful selections offered.

Beverages: punch, soda, cocktails, wine, beer, water, etc.  The list can be lengthy and so the budget could be blown right here.  Think small; provide a few from the large selection and ask guests to BYOB (bring your own beverages) if they would prefer something else.  It’s a Win Win!

Getting dinner on the table: If making something for the entire group, getting them to help chop veggies, stirring a pot or setting the table can make them feel part of the evening.  Potlucks can sometimes be all desserts or all salads if not planned a little ahead of time.  An easy email dividing the type of  courses you’d like to have and even paper products can help an evening go smoothly.   Let everyone sign up for what they’d like and email back with everyone’s responses, this way your guests will also have an idea of what to expect.

Ultimately, have fun!  Things may get spilled and there will be some clean up after but it’s worth the memories.  Enjoy your friends, family and remember to always keep it in good taste.

About greenslade1

Enjoy cooking and love sharing it with others.
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