Pasta is a great fallback meal.  It’s great for those busy days when you don’t really want to cook, or at least not have to think too much while cooking.  It’s quick, cheap and practically impossible to mess up.

So why, when the very point of pasta for dinner is its simplicity, would I try to convince you to try this pasta sauce recipe when you can get perfectly good canned pasta sauce at the store?

I’m not against canned sauces.  I love several brands and I use them for many recipes, and will continue to use them.  But when you are making something simple where the sauce will really stand out (spaghetti), trust me, this sauce will take your meal from everyday to special with very little effort.  You might wonder why you haven’t been using it all along.


Olive Oil


Fresh herbs, washed (I like to use oregano and basil, but you can also use parsley, rosemary, or sage)

Canned crushed tomatoes, 28 oz

Wine- just a splash, red or white.

OPTIONAL: Tomato paste

First, warm the olive oil in a heavy saucepan.  Peel the garlic and cook for just a minute or two, until it becomes aromatic.  Add a splash of wine and simmer for a few minutes until the mixture begins reduce.

Next, add the can of tomatoes and bring to a steady simmer. Here’s where you have an option: if you want a thicker sauce, whisk in some tomato paste.

Finally, throw in the clean herbs.  That’s right, no mincing, no chopping.  Just throw them in and stir.  If you really need to you call pull the leaves off the stems-it’s really not necessary though.  Now cover the pot.

That’s it.  You’re done.  Let it cook for a while while your pasta cooks.  Stir it every few minutes just to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Have a nice, relaxing dinner!  Let me know how it turns out!  🙂

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  1. portorikan says:

    Deliciousness. 🙂

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