Living a Life In Good Taste

We are so excited to be helping Every Nation Tallahassee with their Blood Drive tomorrow, April 25, 2010. We are providing snacks for those who donate blood that day, here’s a picture of what we will be offering.

Fresh fruit, gourmet wraps, and homemade cherry chocolate almond granola bars.

I remember the first time I donated blood. I was in high school and the school had a blood mobile in the parking lot. At first I was hesitant and scared to allow anyone to draw blood. I’m the type of person that only goes to doctors when I absolutely have to. I started hearing about how people’s lives can be saved through blood donation and it completely changed my mind. This link can give you some ideas, or you could visit the local blood center’s website to get any questions you may have answered.

Living a worthwhile life to me means living a life that people will remember you by, whether that means donating time at a local food bank, donating clothes to the shelter or becoming a regular blood donor. We are honored to be a part of this blood drive and to become a true lifeline to someone in need.

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1 Response to Living a Life In Good Taste

  1. Diana Martinez says:

    “What ever you do to others you do it to me”, He said. Blessings are in your way!

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