I have to eat breakfast.  It’s not an option for me.  When I wake up I’m like a zombie, except instead of groaning BRAAAAAAAINS I go CAAAAAAAAARBS.  Breakfast, like a morning shower or a good cup of coffee, is a necessity.

But there is one meal that I love more than breakfast, because I don’t just need it.  I desire it.

That meal is second breakfast.

Sam (@portorikan if you follow us on twitter) and I had a funny conversation about second breakfast while driving home from a dinner  at his parents’ house one night.

ME:  Did you remember the plate your mom made us?

SAM: Yeah it’s there in the back.

ME: Ok cool.

ME: Did you remember that jumbo carrot cake muffin your mom wanted to give me?

SAM:  Yeah.


ME:  Cuz that’s gonna be my second breakfast.

SAM:  Second breakfast huh?

ME:  Yeah!  That’s like 90% of the reason I work out: so I can eat SECOND breakfast.  It’s my favorite meal of the day.

SAM:  Maybe that’s why you’re not losing any wei-

ME:  Stop pestering me with your stupid logic.

We love each other.

What about you?  Do you eat breakfast?  How about second breakfast?  How about the ever-controversial breakfast-at-non-breakfast-times? recently had a whole week of posts dedicated to breakfast!  Here are a few awesome favorites we picked to share with our readers from TheKitchn and other wonderful sites, including our own!

1.  Fifteen Ways to Eat  A Beautiful Breakfast from TheKitchn

2.  Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd from TheKitchn

3.  Mini German Pancakes with Triple Berry Sauce from Real Mom Kitchen

4.  Smoked Turkey and Zucchini Quiche from Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen

5.  Beignettes from yours truly!

6. Petite Vanilla Bean Scones from P-Dub

Feel free to leave more breakfast links or share recipes and breakfast ideas in the comments!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me on your list!! Rachel @ Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen

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