Mango Banana Vanilla Spice Smoothie

1 mango, peeled, flesh removed from stone in chunks.  

1 peeled banana

1 cup vanilla soymilk



ground cinnamon and ginger


It’s not really time for smoothies yet, but it will be soon.   And I’ll be ready with this recipe, which tastes a bit like a mango lassi, if you’re familiar with that sort of thing.  

Add soymilk to your blender first, then add fruit in chunks.  Top with a squeeze of honey, a tiny dash of cinnamon, and a tinier dash of ground ginger.  Add ice to suit your preference and the abilities of your blender or smoothie maker.  banana1

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One Response to Mango Banana Vanilla Spice Smoothie

  1. Janet Ching says:

    I love banana and I love smoothie but not tried with soya milk and with spices. Gotta make a note and try it too! Thanks and thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier!

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