I had approximately 4 hours of sleep the night before last.  Last night I had approximately… no hours of sleep.

I am going on a trip tonight (one that I’m getting more and more excited about by the minute…/sarcasm) and I have no idea when I will be able to get some rest.  I cannot call in to work; it’s a very new job and I have already taken 1 1/2 days off just last week due to illness.  

I am choosing to consider this a challenge.  

Please pray for my attitude and sanity, anybody out there who is listening… I like sleep… also pray that I’m not so stupid at work today that I do anything that deserves immediate dismissal…

Oh yeah!  Here are some things I learned from staying up all night!

1.  Sometimes not even prescription codiene helps.

2. My husband mutters in his sleep.  If I echo the mutter, he will mutter again, something slightly different.  When I really get him going they almost sound like words.  I hope to someday achieve full conversation with him in this state, like I used to do with my little brother!  Oh I have stories… 🙂 

3. Yeah, um, I still get kind of nauseous when I stay up all night.  Gonna go drink some tea now…buh-bye…

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