I love margaritas. But when I tasted the Chambord Margarita from Chili’s, it changed everything I thought I knew about them.

II like classic margaritas, not flavored; on the rocks, not frozen. I ordered this Chambord margarita because we had a gift certificate. I like raspberry and figured raspberry and lime are a good combination, but I expected just another cough-syrupy or super sweet drink. Was I ever wrong.

The drink was smooth, with a mellow, almost creamy raspberry taste. I’d never tasted a liqueur like this. When I took my first sip, I knew certain things in my life would thereafter change drastically; I’m never getting another drink from Chili’s and from now on whenever I consider making a dessert with raspberries I will always think of this flavor (raspberry cheesecake with a Chambord chocolate sauce, anyone?) I didn’t know a flavor like this existed- aside from my dreams, anyway! I took a sip and then half-joked to my friend, “THIS… is good… this changes everything.”

When you discover something new that makes such an impression on you, it takes a certain amount of humility to admit it. I don’t know why, but we tend to safeguard our souls by presupposing that really good things are impossible. I guess admitting that something really precious is available means acknowledging that you can lose it, fail to achieve it, or not deserve it.

I think in a way, people safeguard their own souls by presupposing that an all-powerful, imminent and abundantly merciful God could not exist, or that there must be some catch or hoop to jump through to earn His favor. I could expound but, in a nutshell, heaven seems too good to be true. So it must not be. Either way, it’s safer for our egos to assume it doesn’t.

But we never get to the end of God’s mercy, we never exhaust His love or His power to heal or change circumstances. We can’t outrun the reach of His spirit and because He is infinite and good, He will always satisfy.

If we can get just a glimpse of who God really is, we realize something-it doesn’t matter how long we’ve known about God, how little we know about the Bible, who we are or where we’ve come from- when we really experience just a little taste of Him, His goodness makes us realize it:

This changes everything.

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